Programme Overview

The International Conference on Molecular Sensors and Molecular Logic Gates 2022 (MSMLG 2022) is the 7th in this line of conferences commencing in 2007 in Shanghai, China. Since then, the event has travelled the world and taken place over the years in the UK, Turkey, China, Korea and this year landing on the shores of Ireland.

MSMLG has always had an immense impact on the community, where internationally renowned experts showcase the latest research in the areas of molecular sensing and molecular logic. After the disruption brought about by Covid-19 and the postponement of MSMLG 2020 in Reno, we are delighted to host the conference in Dublin, Ireland in 2022. For the first time this year, the conference will also cover topics in molecular imaging given the explosion of research in the field and the obvious synergies with the other themes of MSMLG.

Molecular sensing, imaging and logic are important topics that are heavily interwoven within many areas of the chemical and biological sciences. MSMLG 2022 will be a platform for discussion of the most up to date research breakthroughs as well as a forum to identify the next global research trends in each of the 3 themes.

The programme will include several plenary and keynote lectures as well as a host of invited speakers and poster presentations covering a broad range of topics related to Molecular sensing, imaging and logic. The Annual Czarnik Awards for Established and Emerging Investigators will also be presented.

We hope you will join us in Dublin 2022, to share your expertise, discover the latest breakthroughs and realise the impact of MSMLG on the future of discovery in molecular sensors and molecular logic gates.

Finding your way around the programme

Please click into the session name for more information on individual speakers, and on each presentation title to see the abstract and presenter biography.

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Posters will be on view on Wednesday and Thursday with presenters required to be present at their poster at lunchtime on their given day in order to answer any questions from delegates. The schedule is as follows:

Wednesday: Odd numbered posters.
Thursday: Even numbered posters.

The programme below is correct as of 6th July 2022 but is subject to change without notice.