Plenary and Invited Oral presentations will have a duration of 30 minutes (25 minutes with 5 minutes of Q&A)
Flash Oral presentations will have a duration of 15 minutes (12 minutes with 3 minutes of Q&A)

When preparing your presentation, please note the following:

• We strongly recommend that slides are prepared in PowerPoint. Other software packages are acceptable as long as the presentation is in PDF and complies with the widescreen (16:9) format.

• Please have your presentation on USB stick, individual laptops cannot be linked to the in-house AV.

• Technicians will be available to help you upload your presentation. There will be a technician in the Goldsmiths Hall to upload your presentation if you are presenting in Goldsmiths Hall; there will also be a technician on Level 1 in the foyer area of the Field Suite and the Swift Suite if you are presenting in those rooms. Please refer to the online programme for details of the room in which you will be presenting.

• Please liaise with the technician in your room for pre-loading of presentations. However please note that presentations cannot be loaded while the conference is in session.

• Please upload and quickly test your presentation at least 15 minutes before the session begins for example during coffee/lunch breaks and before sessions start – this is to ensure that if there are any difficulties, there is time for the AV technicians to rectify any issues before the sessions begin.

Please note that Flash Oral presenters are also required to prepare a poster presentation.