All Flash Oral and Poster Presenters are required to display a poster at MSMLG 2022.

When preparing your poster, please note the following:

• Each poster must be in PORTRAIT format, printed and should not be bigger than AO (0.841 m width x 1.189 m height/tall).

• The posters will be mounted on boards and Velcro adhesive will be provided. Any poster printed in landscape or larger than AO may not be displayed at the conference.

• We recommend that posters are printed on paper, as cloth does not sufficiently attach to the boards.

• Posters will be on view on Wednesday and Thursday with presenters required to be present at their poster at lunchtime on their given day in order to answer any questions from delegates. The schedule is as follows:

  • Wednesday: Odd numbered posters (please put your poster up on Tuesday and remove on Wednesday evening).
  • Thursday: Even numbered posters (please put your poster up on Thursday morning and remove on Friday).